Vital Energy Technologies is your partner in portable power for critical applications. We are a system level battery consultancy with a passion for maximizing your product’s safety and success. Our goal is to sharpen your technical edge and enable you to outpace the competition.

Working with us will benefit your business through:

1. Reduced time to market. Leverage our –
Experience in the design and development of more than 150 portable power devices
Industry knowledge
Understanding of common pitfalls and good manufacturing procedures
Market analysis and assessment

2. Increased reliability and reduced risk. Vital Energy Technologies provides –
Failure Mode Effect Analysis processes
Worst case usage profile studies
Failure analysis
Accurate warranty predictions
Understanding of cell process control and ongoing quality assurance
On site cell vendor technical audits

3. Additional profitability. Vital Energy Technologies delivers strategies in –
Reduction in Total Cost Ownership
Reliable second source identification and evaluation
Product roadmap optimization
Opportunity identification
Multiple source strategy

4. Increased sales closure rate with –
Product differentiation
Accurate product requirement identification
New technology identification, evaluation and introduction
Competitor analysis

5. Investor due diligence –
Reduced exposure though independent analysis
Maximized return on investment
International experience providing broader market scope

We are experts in cell chemistry, cell construction, supercapacitors, pack design, and more. Our experience ranges from wearable technology, medical devices, wireless power transmission, UPS, ruggedized communications/computing, and sterilizable batteries.

We know portable power (SLA, NiMH, Lithium ion, Lithium polymer, Lithium primary, and emerging technologies), and we can help you with your technical requirements from a brief advisory role through full product life cycle development.